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Hell Shine, The Demon Oil/Grease Remover, 500ml

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Hell Shine, The Demon Oil/Grease Remover, 500ml 

The Demon - The Dark, Aggressive and fearless grease, oil and dirt remover! Removes thick grease and oil fast by dissolving the deposits instantly with a quick spray of this magical product! Many degreasers on the market today simply wont remove grease and oil, The Demon will and will remove it forever - be gone with The Demon!

Ideal for bike chains, engine bays and engine parts, door hinges, moving mechanical parts, and just about any greased up surface! Watch the magic happen and watch the Demon destroy the grease! Safe for all surfaces.

Simply spray The Demon onto the surface, wait 1-2 minutes for complete penetration - rinse leaving a grease free area!