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Gleem Freaks Seal-X Sealant, 250ml

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Gleem Freaks Seal-X is an easy on easy off sealant for those who want the best protection, durability, shine and beading.
Seal-X offer an ultra hydrophobic guard and will help protect your vehicles paint from bird droppings, acid rain, bugs, road salts and other contaminants.

For prolonged results GleemFreaks Seal-X sealant can be layed with an 8 hour gap inbetween applications or add 25ml of sealant to 975ml of water to make a very effective spray sealant to use after washing which will keep your Seal-X protection topped up.
Seal-X can be used on the entire vehicle including glass, plastics, paint, alloys, steel and rubber.

Apply in a cool area, lightly wet either a cotton make up pad or a microfiber applicator pad with the Seal-X and begin wiping it in evenly, using light pressure and overlapping strokes.
Once on, leave Seal-X to dry for a minimum of 5 minutes 10 maximum and then buff off the residue using a microfiber cloth.

Bottle Size: 250ml