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EZ Detail Brush - All EZ 3 Brush Pack

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EZ Detail Brush - All EZ 3 Brush Pack is the best of all 3 EZ detailing brushes. All of the detailing brushes are made from soft, Nylon Nylex bristles that gently loosen dirt from metal surfaces without scratching or dulling the metal. The bristles have a memory design which allows them to always return to their original shape. They are resistant to chemicals so you can use any kind of cleaner with the EZ Auto Detail Brush. Vinyl is bonded to the tip of the brush and a non-scratch sleeve covers the space between the handle and the bristles so that no part of the brush can scratch. The contoured handle is easy to hold and features a rubber knuckle guard. A vinyl coated flexible stem allows the brush to conform to every curve on your bike or vehicle.


Brushes may vary in colour from Red to Blue. 

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