Dunking Biscuit

Dunking Biscuit, Wash Starter Kit

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Feeling Bubbly is a high foaming, cutting edge shampoo formulation.

Pack contains 1 x 500ml of Feelin Bubbly Shampoo, 1 x Wash Mitt and 1 x 1200GSM Drying Towel. 

It effortlessly lifts and removes surface contamination.

  •  Anti-marring
  •  PH neutral and LSP Safe
  • Highly effective
  • Super economical – up to 25 washes per 500mls
  • Smells good enough to eat

Microfibre Wash Mitt

Luxury Microfibre Drying Towel 1200gsm

How To Use: 

1. Add 20-30ml of Feeling Bubbly to a 20 litre bucket.
2. Fill the bucket with warm clean water, agitate the shampoo as it fills to reveal the sudsy solution.
3. Fill a second bucket with warm clean water only.
4. Wash the vehicle with your wash mitt from top to bottom, rinse the wash mitt in the second bucket after each contact with the vehicle, prior to placing it in the shampoo bucket.
5. Rinse the vehicle thoroughly afterwards.
6. Dry the vehicle with your Microfibre towel