Dunking Biscuit

Dunking Biscuit, Microfibre Wash Mitt

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Dunking Biscuit Wash Mitt features a thick pile that gently lifts dirt and grime away from the surface of the car, encapsulating it within the fibres. This helps prevent accidental scratching and swirl marks often incurred during the washing stage. The soft foam inner core soaks up large volumes of water to ensure the surface is always well lubricated, helping the mitt glide across the paintwork.

  • Super soft ultra-deep microfibre strands
  • Superior cleaning ability
  • Safe to use on all areas of the vehicle
  • Highly absorbent thick foam core for maximum sud retention
  • 100% split varied length polyester strands optimum for contaminant release
  • Lint free, dual fibre construction reduces drag
  • Glove style with elasticated cuff, suitable for left & right handed users  
  • Durable construction of chemically resistant material

How To Use: 

We advise the use of two buckets whenever washing cars to dramatically reduce the amount of abrasive dirt washed back onto the car.

Fill your first bucket with clean water and the second bucket with water and the required amount of Feeling Bubbly PH Neutral Shampoo.

Dunk your wash mitt into the soapy solution first to wash your car with lubricating suds and then dunk the mitt vigorously into the bucket with clear water to rinse any dirt from the mitt thoroughly.

Machine wash at 40 degrees Celsius without fabric softener and tumble dry on cool setting.