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Dr. Beasley's, Premium Car Paint Sealant, 360ml

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Dr. Beasley's Premium Paint Sealant is a unique wax/coating hybrid that protects your paint while giving it an extraordinary shine unmatched by other synthetic sealants. Using a proprietary synthetic polymer structure, Premium Paint Sealant offers a year of protection with regular maintenance.

Why Premium Paint Sealant?

You know Premium Paint Sealant is a high-performing wax/sealant blend. But what makes that so remarkable?


Imparts A Deep Shine

We all know waxes and sealants are great ways to get your paint shining like the sun. But often times that shine leaves something to be desired - something deeper, something warmer. Premium Paint Sealant's gloss gets you that something. With its long-lasting, glowingly complex shine, Premium Paint Sealant blows conventional waxes and sealants out of the water. This gloss is so impressive, you'll have onlookers gawking and snapping photos as you drive past.


A Year of Durability

Waxes typically get you a few weeks of paint protection. Sealants, maybe six months. But with the proprietary synthetic polymer structure of Premium Paint Sealant, you're looking at an entire year of protection with regular maintenance. With Premium Paint Sealant applied, you'll have peace of mind knowing your paint protection isn't going anywhere soon.


Great For Layering

Sometimes when you layer up multiple waxes or sealants, the surface takes on a yellow-ish tinge due to incompatibility between the substances being applied. Premium Paint Sealant, however, is optimized for layering compatibility thanks to its wax/sealant hybrid formula. You won't have to worry if additional layers of wax will play nice with Premium Paint Sealant - you'll be able to keep waxing to your heart's content.


 How Does It Work?

When applied after cleaning and polishing your car, Premium Paint Sealant bonds to the surface. This bond forms a coating that fills in imperfections, creating a durable protective seal and a striking gloss.