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Dr. Beasley's, AdvanceCoat Gloss Ceramic Coating Maintenance Spray, 118ml

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Why AdvanceCoat: Gloss?

AdvanceCoat: Gloss is a powerful maintenance booster spray for nano ceramic car coatings. But what does that mean for you?

Extend Your Coating's Life

Ceramic coatings, like Nano-Resin or Nano-Resin Pro, are designed to last for years and years. Yet on their own, they’ve been known to lose some of their hydrophobicity and gloss within only a few months. You’ll still have protection from marring, sure, but liquids will stop beading and you’ll be missing that “wow” finish. AdvanceCoat: Gloss reintroduces hydrophobicity and returns your shine so your coating will last for years to come.


Reintroduce Hydrophobicity

As mentioned earlier, you may notice after a few months your coating doesn’t bead liquids quite as well it used to. This is because contaminants on your coating’s surface have altered its surface energy, making hydrophobicity impossible. It’s a bad situation to be in – you still have years of protection left but you’ve got no water beading to show for it. Thankfully there’s no need to reapply your coating – just add a layer of AdvanceCoat: Gloss to reintroduce hydrophobicity and keep those liquids beading.


Revitalize Gloss

As you drive, wash, and generally use your vehicle, your ceramic coating absorbs more and more micro-marring and wash marks, slowly dulling its once extraordinary gloss. How do you get that gloss back without reapplying? AdvanceCoat has the solution! Adding a layer fills in these imperfections, reinvigorating your gloss for a continued shine.


How Does It Work?

The AdvanceCoat: Gloss formula is packed with hydrophobicity and high-quality glossing agents. When sprayed onto a coated surface, the glossing agents fill in imperfections while the hydrophobic formula restores the low surface energy needed to bead water. Use every 3-6 months or as needed to keep the desired properties.