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Detailers Juice, The Superior Kit

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This pack includes 9 X 500ml bottles of the following and an applicator sponge:

1 X Citrus Pre-wash- Great to remove stuck on bugs or traffic grime, spray and leave to soak for a few minutes before sponging off, with need little agitation. 

1 X Revitaliser Wheel Cleaner-  Formulated to remove the most stubborn of brake dust and re store your alloys original shine, acid based but non abrasive and safe to use on all types of alloys including diamond cut. Removes rust, particles and any stubborn dirt leaving a high shine. Leave to soak and then agitate with your choice of wheel brush 

1 X Bubblegum Wash & Wax-Bubblegum scented wash and wax shampoo leaves a wet gloss look shine. Easily removes dirt and grime. Use between 2-3 caps for maximum bubbles. 

1 X Nano Spray Coat- Our best selling product due to it's easy application and incredible results, Nano is formulated to protect and repel from water and dirt, can be used on your body work, windows and even alloys to protect your wheels from excess brake dust and dirt. This protection will last for up to 4 months. Results will be perfect beading where the water rolls off your car, noticeably less dirt clings to your car on a rainy day. Must be applied when the car is wet, spray a panel at a time and rinse off immediately. 

1 X Pristine Glass Cleaner-Formulated to be a streak free non smear glass cleaner, ideal for interior and exterior glass to leave them with a mirror shine. Best used with a micro fibre glass cloth. Spray and wipe off. 

1 X Lustrous Quick Detailer-Parma violets scented quick detailing spray leaves a high gloss mirror shine with just a few sprays. Removes light dust and for use when the car is dry. 

1 X Renew Tyre Dressing-Lasts for up to 3 weeks, a high shine tyre dressing which is water repellent. Spray onto the applicator sponge and apply to the tyre. 

1 X Reviver Interior Cleaner-Coconut scented high shine interior cleaner, leaves a fresh scent whilst protecting your interior, can be used on not just your dashboard but your entire interior, best to use with a micro fibre cloth. 

1 X Polar Foam-Our extra clingy PH formulated snow foam, removes traffic film, dirt, mud and grime. PH Formulated. Use with a lace/jet wash and leave to soak before rinsing off, the perfect pre wash before using your shampoo. Ideal for winter months. 

This is your superior pack, everything you need for detailing your car.