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Juicy Details Pink Gloss Polish, 500ml

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Juicy Details Pink Gloss Polish is a gloss enhancing polish formulated to treat minor paint imperfections. A simple polish to use giving you fantastic results with deep shine, powder less and suitable for all paint types.

Juicy Details Pink Gloss This is very easy to use via a applicator and ideal for all types of paint surfaces, perfect for oxidised paintwork, light swirls, and contaminated paintwork from the elements. Little effort will see great results while transforming your paintwork, leaving you with a deep wet look shine. Ideal as a pre-wax polish/cleaner. Suitable for all colours.

Shake well. After car has been washed and dried, using an applicator or microfibre towel, work on a panel at a time allowing even coverage, allow polish to haze over, buff off with a clean dry microfbre towel. To be applied by hand. Do NOT apply to your windscreen.