Juicy Details Bubblegum Fast Wax, 500ml

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Juicy Details Bubblegum Fast Wax not only is it an ultra slick fast wax spray that allows light surface contamination to be safely wiped away, while simultaneously laying down a thin protective coating of carnauba wax and gloss enhancing polymers. Developed to be temperature insensitive, streak free and safe on non-porous surfaces. Spray wax indefinitely prolongs the life of natural carnauba wax finishes that also adds extra wet look gloss and slickness to any paint protected finish.

Juicy Details Bubblegum Fast Wax is an ultra slick fast wax spray.

Use Bubblegum Fast Wax dry for quick detailing tidy ups, or use wet after washing your car to quickly restore the just waxed wet look shine.

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