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Carbon Collective Onyx Drying Towel V2 1200GSM

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Carbon Collective Onyx Drying Towel V2 is now created from a new even softer microfibre blend & is bagged for freshness!

The days of drying towel’s dragging along the floor are now long gone, our Onyx drying towel has been designed to be more agile, hold more water & be even softer, with it’s edgeless construction and ultra soft pile it drys even the softest of paint scratch free.

Created from ultra absorbent 1200GSM microfibre, capable of holding over 2.5 litres of water in a single use.

  • 1200GSM
  • Absorbs over 2.5L of water
  • Edgeless
  • Double thickness
  • Super soft
  • 400 X 700 mm
  • Label less
  • Machine Washable