Carbon Collective Exfoli-block Clay Block

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Carbon Collective Exfoli-block Clay Block, replacing the need for traditional clay.

Our new polymer formulation is designed to be safe to use on even the softest of paint, created from open cell foam, the block absorbs the water solution & releases it during the claying process to preventing the panel drying out.

The Exfoli-block can be used multiple times, just squeeze out the excess water & store in the grip seal bag.

Directions for use:

The exfoli-block should be used on clean wet paint, use a strong solution of Lusso Shampoo & water to lubricate the panel & block surface, bed the exfoli-block in on the glass first, then proceed to use the block on the paint, work in straight lines with medium pressure, dipping the block into the wash solution after every panel to rinse & add lubrication, never allow the panel to become dry.