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Auto Perfection Revive Leather Cleaner, 500ml

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Auto Perfection Revive Leather Cleaner has been formulated to be a very affective but gentle cleaner, that will gently cleanse even the most delicate of leather surfaces

Directions for use :

1. Shake well to activate ingredients

2. Test on an inconspicuous area checking no dye-transfer is present, if none is present it is safe to continue

3. For lightly soiled leather spray revive onto the area and wipe clean with a soft cloth

4. For heavier soiling spray onto leather surface and use a soft bristle brush to agitate then wipe clean with a soft cloth

5. Finally use a leather supplement or conditioner like our Replenish leather conditioner, using revive will restore and keep your leather looking it’s best

Hand made and perfected in the UK