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Auto Perfection Evolve Hybrid Wax, 200ml

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Auto Perfection Evolve Hybrid Wax is a new hybrid wax  from Auto Perfection, that has been tested and developed for just under 10 months to perfect a stunning finish. The Evolve Hybrid wax has endless depth, outstanding clarity, gloss and ultimate protection.

Auto Perfection Evolve Hybrid wax combines a blend of high grade synthetic and natural ingredients, to provide the very best in paint protection.

Evolve Hybrid Wax is like all Auto Perfection waxes, it has been developed and tested on all types of paint finishes including dark and lighter solid colours, also a range of dark and light metallic and pearl colours.

Evolve Hybrid Wax will give a deep crystal depth and amazing gloss on darker colours.

On lighter coloured cars such as white and silver paint, this Hybrid wax gives eye catching sharp reflections and perfect gloss.

Durability on average will be between 4-6 months

Set in a stunning purple glass jar with a vibrant yellow wax and also with its own presentation box 

Very easy on and off
Directions for use :Apply a thin coat over entire vehicle with an applicator, leave to cure to a haze then buff to a deep gloss with a microfiber cloth in the same order as application this will ensure equal curing times.
( Will cure quicker in hot conditions )
(Do not apply to hot paintwork or in very hot conditions)
A passion for Perfection- Thats Auto Perfection.