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Auto Perfection Cleanse All Purpose Cleaner

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Auto Perfection Cleanse All Purpose Cleaner is an essential product whether your a professional detailer or just simply love to care for your car, can be diluted up to 50 : 1 with water, suitable for range of interior and exterior surfaces as well as fabrics, carpet and even convertible hoods
Directions for use
Dilute to desired strength
1. Spray on to surface that requires cleaning and wipe clean with a mimicrofibre cloth
2. For heavily soiled areas spray on to surface and agitate with a suitable detailing brush
3. Then simply wipe clean
4. For fabrics, carpets and mats etc spray on, agitate with a scrubbing brush and extract remaining
liquid with a wet and dry vacuum cleaner
Do not leave to dry in direct sunlight
Hand made and perfected in the UK