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Auto Glym Bird Dropping Wipes

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Auto Glym Bird Dropping Wipes is a quick clean fix for a mucky job


There is nothing worse than getting back to the car and finding a bird has kindly deposited a dropping on your paintwork. We are sure they aim for the clean cars, so we developed these single use wipes.

These allow droppings to be wiped away easily, leaving you with a clean car again. Bird droppings are not just unsightly, but can be extremely damaging to your paintwork if not attended to, often leaving a permanent blemish. 

Packet contains 10 x Auto Glym Bird Dropping Wipes

1. Place the wipe on the dropping and allow the deposit to soften before removal. Do not rub dry droppings, as they may scratch the paintwork.

2. After removal, dispose of the wipe in a bin.