AutoGlym Air Con Cleaner, 150ml

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AutoGlym Air Con Cleaner is a long lasting treatment to clean air conditioning systems and overcome bad odours. 


The simple lock and leave application will clean the entire air conditioning system in under 20 minutes. 

150ml AutoGlym Air Con Cleaner

Pro Tip: re-treat the vehicle every six months, or after extended periods of inactivity.

1. Aerosol should be at room temperature before use. Ensure all windows and doors are closed and start the engine.

2. Switch on the air conditioning system, set to low temperature, intermediate blower speed and internal circulation. Ensure face level fascia vents are open. Run engine for 5-10 minutes.

3. Shake the aerosol can well. Fold in the perforated panels of the carton and place the aerosol can at a 40 degree angle. Avoid pointing the aerosol at the carpet. Position the carton far forward in the passenger side footwell and leave the aerosol facing into the footwell. Depress trigger into the lock-down position. Exit vehicle and close doors.

4. Once the can is fully discharged, allow the system to run for a further 5 minutes then switch off the engine and open all doors/windows fully to ventilate the vehicle. Leave doors/windows open and allow the vehicle to air for 5-10 minutes.