Auto Glanz Trim Reaper Trim Dressing

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Auto Glanz Trim Reaper  concentrate multi purpose dressing is a highly concentrated blend of oils and polymers, specifically designed for use on any plastic, vinyl or rubber finish. The complex formula of Trim Reaper actively bonds with any surface creating a layer of protection which offers excellent durability and hydrophobic properties. Water and soiling simply falls off the surface.

Application & Dilution

  • Due to the versatility you will ultimately need to play around with Trim Reaper to achieve the desired effect, below are a few ‘guides’ to help you along your way to the perfect dressing of rubber and trim.
  • Trim Reaper can either be sprayed directly onto the surface or applied via an applicator.
  • Allow the product to flash off for a few moments and buff with a clean microfiber towel if desired/required.
  • Tyres: Neat – 5:1 depending on gloss level desired
  • Exterior Trim: Neat – 10:1 depending on gloss level desired
  • Interior trim: Neat – 25:1 depending on gloss level required