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Auto Finesse Spirit Carnuba Wax, 150g

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Auto Finesse Spirit Carnuba Wax 150g. Over the years at Auto Finesse, we have learned that capturing the true Spirit of metallic and pearl finishes with a paste wax is a tricky business. Auto Finesse Spirit wax is the result of countless months of experimentation. We finally stumbled upon a high-carnauba blend that gave us the optical clarity and crisp gloss we desired. These two characteristics combine to awaken something that lies dormant in many paints: dazzling metallic flake pop! With this wax, you can summon its Spirit.

All Auto Finesse waxes are carefully blended by hand in Great Britain from the finest quality natural ingredients available, and bring with them the same philosophy of performance and beauty as the rest of our detailing products. The waxes we use treat your vehicle with nature’s own defense against the elements, giving it water repellency, and resistance to environmental pollution (Including UV-fading, acid rain, and bird droppings.). Let’s take a look at what else makes Auto Finesse Spirit special…

Auto Finesse Spirit contains 50% T1 Grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax by volume, with the remainder being made up by all natural Beeswax, Candelilla wax, and oils.

While many waxes and sealants can actually mute pearl and metallic paints, Spirit’s visual clarity, crispness, and gloss have the opposite effect. Pearls and metallics will truly sparkle.

The delicate Apple fragrance is juxtaposed with the immense protection that lies within every pot of Spirit, and 5-months of durability or more are easily achieved if layered.

Superb beading and sheeting combine with Spirit’s durability to help repel the worst, and wettest weather that spring, summer, fall, or winter have to offer.

Spirit is one of our professional-grade ‘hard’ waxes. Its firm consistency allows the wax to be spread in super-thin coats, minimizing waste, and making buff-off a breeze.

Whether your car or motorcycle has a modern clearcoat, or a classic single-stage paint system, Auto Finesse waxes will give it the protection it needs to survive the realities of everyday life. For the detailing professional or dedicated weekend enthusiast, there simply is no finer way to complete your flawless Auto Finesse style finish.


Before waxing, make sure that the vehicle is clean, and cool to the touch. If bonded contamination is present, use a Clay Bar to prep the surface for best results. If the paintwork is lightly marred, or the vehicle has not been polished in the last 6-12 months, it is also advisable to use one of our signature Pre-Wax Cleansers in order to create the maximum shine. Place an Auto Finesse Waxmate foam applicator inside the pot of wax, and rotate it half a turn to prime the pad with product. This is typically enough wax to protect a single moderately-sized panel, though this may vary depending upon the condition of the paintwork. Apply the wax to the panel with small, overlapping circular strokes, light pressure, and in a consistent pattern to obtain full coverage of the paint. If the applicator feels like it is starting to run dry across the surface, or coverage becomes uneven, return the applicator to the container using another quarter-turn of the pad to re-prime the foam. The goal when waxing is to apply the product as thinly and evenly as possible, since a little bit goes a very long way to protecting and enhancing the shine of your vehicle.

Once you have completed one normal-sized panel, or half of a large one, move on to another section of equal size. When you are done waxing the second section, you will be ready to buff off the wax from the first using a plush Microfiber Towel. Alternating in between buffing and waxing panels until the vehicle is fully protected allows you to maintain the ideal curing times for the wax, and makes for very easy removal of the remaining residue. Auto-Finesse Passion only takes a few minutes to cure, so take care not to let the product dry onto the surface. If the wax has been allowed to dry, or ‘secondary hazing’ of the wax occurs (A phenomenon which can sometimes happen in hot or humid climates, especially if the product was over-applied.), you can use a water-based QD like Auto-Finesse Finale to help ease removal of the residue. When applying multiple layers of wax for extra depth, wetness, and protection, make sure to wait at least 3-hours in between coats to allow the organic solvents to fully flash.

For best results, do not wax the vehicle if the ambient temperature is below (Approximately 6-degrees Celsius), or above 95-degrees Fahrenheit (35-Degrees Celsius). Waxing in direct sunlight, or conditions of high humidity can respectively lead to over, or under-curing of the product before removal.

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