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Autobrite SuperFoam is a fantastic product which works great in conjunction with the Autobrite foam lance. It provides great cleaning action,excellent value for money and easy to use for that near touch less wash.The dilution rate is up to 200-1 so making this product very cost effective. Autobrite Super Snow Foam is used as a pre wash to loosen dirt and draw larger particles away from the surface of the paint, after dwelling for 5 -10 mins it leaves the car almost clean, in turn making the wash process easier and safer for your paint.

Directions For best results pre-wet vehicle surface and apply through a Autobrite Foam Lance via a high pressure washer. Dilute with up to 200 parts of water adjust the dilution for desired foaming. If using a Autobrite Foam Lance place up to 2 inches of the concentrate into the foam lance bottle supplied and then top up with warm water. Plug and play! When vehicle surface has been covered with a blanket of foam leave to dwell and rinse under pressure.

Key points of our product

  • Superior Cleaning Action 
  • pH Neutral formula
  • Very High Foaming Action 
  • Excellent, safe cleaning action. 
  • Contains no harsh chemicals. 
  • Economical to use. 
  • Produces blanket of foam on vehicle. 
  • Contains biodegradable surfactants. 
  • LSP Safe 
  • Leaves a Great Finish
  • Bubblegum fragrance

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