AutoBrite Direct, Nano Detailer, 500ml

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Auto Brite Direct, Nano Detailer 500ml 

The breakthrough New Autobrite Nano protection system provides a stong bond to your paintwork while giving you maximum gloss and durability. Easy to use with the smoothness of finishes.Nanotechnology will help make your paint paint last longer, decrease the rust factor, make windows and paint work much easier to clean. You’ll see these and more advantages when using the 3 part system from Autobrite Direct. Step 1, helps keep your paint work nice and clean, while adding a protective coating to the paint surface during your weekly wash, Step 2, Adds a more robust nano protective coat to the paints surface for up-to 12 months, Step 3, between applying step 2, this quick detailer will keep that showroom shine for longer and add more protection to your paint work, from all the contaminates that will harm your paint work.

Autobrite Nano Quick Detailer is for all painted surfaces, glass, plastic, chrome work etc. Nano Quick Detailer cleans to an elegant an shine, maintains and preserves the paint work. Treated surfaces will be returned to their brilliant luster, smoothness and are protected from renewed soiling (lotus effect). Ideally suited if your looking for that fast just waxed finish or removal of Light dirt and fingerprints without disturbing previously applied sealants and waxes.

This product is so easy to use with a light spray and wipe leaving no residue, smears or marks. it leaves a deep gloss finish and if used with our Nano Sealant & Shampoo you will see the benefits of your deep gloss finish on your car.

  • Nano detailer is ideal for glass, plastic, chrome and paintwork
  • Gives a outstanding gloss to the paint surface
  • Maintains and preserves paintwork
  • Removes light fingerprints, light dirt with no constant wiping - just a quick mist and wipe!
  • Excellent when used with our 3 stage system

DIRECTIONS: Do not apply to a heavily-soiled surface and do not apply in direct sunlight. with a clean surface spray the Nano Quick Detailer evenly. Spread the Nano Quick Detailer around with a clean microfiber towel, changing sides frequently. Allow the Nano Quick Detailer to haze and then remove the residue with a clean microfiber.