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AutoBrite Direct, Heavy Duty Foam Snow Foam Lance with FREE Magifoam 500ml

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Autobrite Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance Probably the best Foaming Lance/Cannon on the market today!

The Autobrite Foaming Lance is now used throughout the world and now with many thousands of enthusiasts and professionals using them they really are the best and safest pre wash foaming tool to have in your collection! The Autobrite Foam Lance offers a very high level of foaming and delivers this through its high quality brass construction body and stainless steel injector which with its high foaming, durability and ease of use is certainly the most important key factors of the product.

The lance itself offers a wide range of connector fitments for your pressure washer 2 piece lance, such as the popular machines, like the Karcher, Nilfisk and Kranzle.

The Autobrite Foam Lance fits to the 2 piece pressure washer lance you have on your machine via a push and twist or screw fitments (depending on connector) giving you a secure, comfortable and stable hold on the lance when using it. There is a strong 1 litre bottle that attaches to the underside of the brass body of the lance, this holds 1 litre of either the Autobrite Magifoam or Super Snow Foam mix which gives you a thick mousse style foam that sits on the car for a period of time, giving you the safest and most effective way of encapsulating the dirt and grime into the foam, softening the soil in time and making it easy to remove when rinsing the car, leaving a cleaner and dirt free surface.

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