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The Ultimate Cleaning Shampoo - Citrus Pearl

Superb cleaning, suds, foam, scent, colour and lubricity!

Autobrite Citrus Pearl Autowash Shampoo has been formulated to clean the dirt, grime and road film from your paintwork and leaving a gloss like finish. Very easy to use and with a concentration level of up to 400-1 this product makes it a very economical product to use for all your washing needs. A quick, easy and hyper concentrated Autowash shampoo that will leave your car looking stunning! 

  • Great effective cleaning capabilities 
  • Excellent Lubricity
  • Super/Hyper Concentrated of up to 400-1
  • Very Economical to use
  • Works really well in the Autobrite Foam Lance
  • Gorgeous Citrus Fragrance

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