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AutoBrite Direct, Bubblegum Trim, 500ml

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Auto Brite Direct, Bubblegum Trim - High Gloss Vinyl & Trim Protectant

A specialist cleaner/polish and dressing that will enhance the appearance for all your interior and exterior plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces. It produces a long lasting deep gloss to all surfaces and having great control of the product too. Vinyl Trim Protectant will condition and protect the surface repelling dust and dirt for that just detailed look that will last for weeks. Vinyl Trim has a superb bubblegum fragrance making it very useable indeed. Directions For Use. Before use make sure all surfaces are clean and free from heavy soiling. Simply spray or wipe the surface with the Vinyl Protectant and either leave to dry leaving a deep gloss look or wipe to leave a semi gloss - matt finish to all your surfaces. Avoid applying this product to steering wheels and foot pedals. Key Points Spealist cleaner/polish and dressing that will leave a fantastic finish everytime Suitable for all plastic, vinyl and rubber surfaces including tyres Will leave a deep - semi gloss/matt finish depending on your preferance - you decide Conditions and protects the surface by repelling the dust and dirt Has a superb bubblegum fragrance making this product very useable Vinyl Trim when applied is a long lasting product that looks and smells superb