AutoBrite, Briteclean X101 - Superior All Purpose Cleaner

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Auto Brite, Briteclean is a professional strength, solvent free, multi purpose cleaner designed to clean all exterior and interior automotive surface materials quickly and safely. Highly effective on grease, oil, exhaust soot, interior fabrics, interior trim and brake dust. It is also strong enough to strip most synthetic sealants and waxes too. Briteclean will clean just about everything it touches as well as around the home too!

As is the case with all trade strength products, Briteclean should be treated with respect in relation to there recommended dilution ratios otherwise staining and etching can occour. However as long as the manufacturers instructions are followed Briteclean has a lot to offer in terms of cleaning power and value for money.

Briteclean will dilute to approx 100-1 so as you can see this product really does go very far while keep its superb cleaning ability!

  • professional strength, solvent free all purpose multi cleaner
  • very effective
  • cleans all interior and exterior surfaces
  • highly effective on almost any surface it touches
  • value for money

Available in 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litres and 25 Litres