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Alchemy, Soul Glo 2000 Tyre Gel, 500ml

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Alchemy Soul Glo 2000 Tyre Gel.

We wanted to create a tyre gel that brought back the deep black of our tyres and had the benefit of nourishing them too. Soul Glo 2000 does all of this thanks to its unique blend of silicone oils. Now your tyre will be nourished and dressed in a high gloss, wet look coat.

You only need a few drops per tyre for Soul Glo 2000 to do its work. This Alchemy tyre gel  is easy to apply and lasts well.

Apply to freshly washed and fully dried tyres. Each tyre will only need 2-3 pea sized drops, apply thinly and evenly with a foam applicator before leaving to fully dry.

  • Soul Glo 2000SLICK
  • Soul Glo 2000RICH
  • Soul Glo 2000NOURISHING
  • Soul Glo 2000LONG LASTING