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Hell Shine, The BaneBlade Shampoo 500ml

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BaneBlade - By Hellshine

Car Looking filthy?  No fear, simply slice away at the dirt with BaneBlade!  

The new evil super concentrated safe PH Neutral shampoo used on your car or motorbike. Safe on all paint, metal, chrome, trim, leather, and wheel surfaces. In fact BaneBlade is safe for every surface and wont degrade wax protection. Ideal for your weekly shampoo when cleaning your car & Motorbikes. 

The BaneBlade by Hellshine is a new ultimate shampoo designed to clean and leave a gloss like finish on all surfaces, ideal for your car or motorbikes to bring a effortless streak free finish!

BaneBlade creates massive luxurious suds and will dilute up to 1000-1 - a little goes a long long way- now thats one Hell of a shampoo!

Great to use and with every Hellshine product the fragrance is quite something! 


Mix in your bucket at approx 3 capfuls into a 15 litre bucket), and apply with your chosen wash media.

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